My investigation into Bell Canyon has not leaded me to “big names”. However after broaden my area of research to Utah state territory, I was able to identify some bigger names. When individuals think of Utah they think of the Mormon religion. Utah is home for the largest population of Mormons at 60 percent. Second is Idaho with 24 percent of its residents [1]. Brigham Young, president of The Church of Latter-day Saints (LDS) from 1847 to 1877, migrated with Mormon pioneers to the Salt Lake City Valley [2]. After looking into the religion more and through different search engines, I found an interesting event that occurred in southern Utah—the Mountain Meadows massacre.

Mountain Meadows grave site memorial, Utah

The Mountain Meadows massacre was an attack on the Baker-Fancher party emigrant train coming from Arkansas. When coming through Utah territory heading west, the Baker-Fancher party was attacked and killed by Utah Territorial Militia [3]. James H. Carleton reported to Congress: “the Mormons were painted and disguised as Indians.” Furthering his statement Carleton said, “the Mormons removed their disguises and retuned as a group of white men, telling the emigrants they would protect them from the attackers [4].” This was a lie after all of the Baker-Fancher party died due to the militia. The current president of the LDS church at the time was Brigham Young. Did Brigham Young have a say in this massacre?


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