Family Origins.

My brother and I were born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.  However, the story is not the same for our parents.  Our parents are from Vietnam.  My parents are considered the “Boat People of Vietnam“, who were refugees fleeing the country of corrupt Communist government.  However, my parents do not fall into the category of illegal immigrants.

Photo of Vietnamese Boat People taken from The History Learning Site

My dad was an anchor baby, which boils down to birthright citizenship; however, his birthright was not to the Great United States of America but rather Spain.  In his attempts to fleeing the country, he was trying to leave Vietnam to train and swim in Australia; except in doing so, he would have gone alone without his mother.  In the end, sponsorship allowed my dad and his mother to move to America (but first stop, the Philippines).

My mother on the other hand was different.  My grandmother applied for American citizenship before the the Vietnamese War met its peek.  Except, the Vietnamese government was not cooperating.  Which lead my mother and her family to attempt illegal escapes.  My mother was involved in two failed refugee escapes.  The first, the captain never showed up.  The second while my mother was hiding in the bushes the captain was caught bringing his boat to the sea side shore.  After a long wait, the government cooperated and my mother’s family was able to leave Communist country (but first stop, the Philippines).


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