02.29.2016 – Questions.

  • What are your academic interests / areas of study?  What interests / excites you about it?
    • I have a wide range of academic interests from forensics, to chemistry, and to anthropology.  Specifically, in forensic science I am interested in Forensic Odontology (Forensic Dentistry), Forensic Chemistry (dating), and Forensic Anthropology.  Regarding chemistry, I focus on synthetic organic chemistry.  As an amateur anthropologist, I like to focus on the individual, and his role in society.  I am interested in magic and ideology, as well as hegemony.
  • What do you hope to do when you leave SU?  If you’re to sure, what are some of the possibilities?
    • I hope to go to graduate school in forensic science, and hopefully getting my master’s in forensics.  But I would love to work at a military site doing forensic anthropology work, such as carbon dating (chemistry) and identification of the individual remains.  If all else fails, I would not mind teaching at a private high school while coaching a sport.
  • What are your interest and hobbies outside of school?
    • I enjoy swimming, tennis, and ping pong.  I love listening to music!  And if I am not spending time with my friends, then I am cuddling with my cat (Warren) watching Netflix.
  • What is your favorite media to engage with recreationally?  What topics tend to be covered in it?
    • I am super into Instagram (not as much as I was sophomore year), love looking at some good pictures of my friends.  I like using Facebook to keep up with people’s upcoming birthdays.  Every night before bed, I like scrolling through my Tumblr account, it keeps my laughing.
  • What are some of the needs / struggles you see around you, on campus at SU or in the city of Syracuse?
    • I don’t know much about the city of Syracuse.  But I do see trends such as poverty, racism, multiculturalism, crime rates, etc.  As for Syracuse, I never really took the time to think about it.  This is a question that I need to do more research into the area of Syracuse University and the city.
  • What research would you need to do to understand the roots  of those problems, and / or what has already been done to try to address them?
    • If the issue is something that has already been talked about then research can be fairly easy; you just have to find it.  Once you understand the basics on the situation, then you can understand the problem as a whole better.  If there is something that is not supported then there is a lot that must be researched for you to understand what is happening in the situation.
  • Based on what we’ve discussed in class thus far, what is most interesting to you and why?
    • I am more of a science guy so science is what interests me.  However, science can be talked about depending on the topic.  When we talked about homeless people, I thought that was interesting because it really does come down to the individual.

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