Critical Reflection on Narrative Inquiry.

While writing this narrative inquiry, I learned a lot with how to tie a personal anecodote into critical research. I’ve always struggled with a good hook for my essays.  After learning about how to write a narrative inquiry, it has helped me with being more creative with the audience.   This assignment helped with finding a good hook for my essay opening. I am happy since now I have another tool for writing up my sleeve. I am proud that I finished up the assignment. After a few attempts at the writing center, I was able to use professional help to tie up my essay and build a strong organization. I am most proud of my story at the beginning of the essay. Usually, I am not good at writing creative things. Hopefully, my narrative was descriptive and creative enough for the audience.

When look at the feedback that my classmates gave me, many individuals said that they liked the pictures that I showed during my in-class presentation. I decided to use the most relevant pictures in my final draft of the essay. I thought that the pictures could help the reader (my classmmates) see the change that I saw and explained at the beginning of my essay. I also included a graph to help the audience identify the change happening to the change through research.

If I revise this assignment for the different audience, the anecdote would not change. However, I would include more research if I am writing for a professor. Depending on the audience, my research that I do will change.  I would change it for a science professional audience.  This would mean more research and evidence on the topic at hand.


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