Library Visit.

Visiting the archives was not a new experience for me; however, I never realized the different sources that could be found there. I have gone to the archieves before with my friend when we stumbled upon it; we had items pulled for another day. A few days later, we went back to the 6th floor of bird library and discovered news of her sorority. There were old news papers articles from the city and the school. I didn’t realize the range of sources until this most recent visit.

During class, I was able to look at the differences between the sources. The fact that advertisements were saved from so long ago. Or the old maps used by the insurance agencies—I found it interesting when I overheard a student ask if this certain street changed since it could possibly happen, not doubt. I also thought the old maps look really funny; it just seemed like the most classic thing you can bring out from an achieve—a huge rusty book. My favorite to look at was the political stuff. There was a whole folder on the democratic party. There was some interesting stuff, even a invitation to an inauguration.

One thing that helped me think of a topic for my research of Syracuse was the music sheets that I saw. This would be something that I want to explore more into during research. I can look into the history of the main theatre near downtown Syracuse, and look at the shows the theatre put on. With that I could research into the politics that show up in media of the each show put on by the theatre. Sometimes shows put on by theaters receive a lot of criticism due to public ethical views, if any. Hopefully, there will be a lot of research to find on the performing arts in Syracuse.


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