03.02.2016 – Homework.

  1.  Visiting the archives was not a new experience for me; however, I never realized the amount of different sources that could be found there.  During class, I was able to look at the different items.  One thing that indirectly helped me with my research of Syracuse City was the music sheets that I saw.  This could be something that I could explore more into during my research.  I can look into the history of the downtown theatre, and look at shows the theatre had put on in the past.  Sometimes performances put on by theaters receive a lot of criticism due to public views, if any.  Back in high school, the director decided to put on RENT; however, we were a Catholic High School.  While faceless online media erupted in hate, opening night the show went on with no interruptions.  I hope there will be a lot of research to find in the performing arts of Syracuse.
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    1. The Seaweed Specimen Book, I stumbled upon through the science and medicine subject link.  I thought was a weird and funny find when I saw the word: seaweed.  What I found most interesting was that this scrapbook actually contained pressed specimens of a wide range of marine algae.
    2. Roy Crane Papers, I saw under the cartoon and cartoonist subject link.  Roy Crane (1901 -1977) was an American cartoonist.  He created long-running newspaper comic strips: Wash Tubbs/Captain Easy (1924 – 1945) and Buz Sawyer (1943 – 1977).  I found this interesting because I never thought something like comics strips in an old newspaper would be kept.  These comic strips can help with the thought of Syracuse City at the time.  I also want to read some of these strips because I think they might be funny!
    3. Clark Music Company Records, I found through the music and sound media subject.  This was a music business in Syracuse.  And in this record, there are not only financial records but also merchandise records.  Which makes me think of the music culture in Syracuse City around this time.  This could be something I look more into during research.
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