03.23.2016 – Homework

In the article 10 Rock Stars Who Didn’t Play Woodstock – And Why written by Nick DeRiso, we see a few artist who were relevant to the culture at the time that did not show to Woodstock.  There were different reasons why artists did not show up, while other reasons were rumors.  For example, Led Zeppelin was invited; however, his manager Peter Grant decided that headlining their own concert was preferable, because going to Woodstock would have just been another band on the bill.  Furthermore, others had different reasons such as Bob Dylan.  He said no because his kid was ill.


One thought on “03.23.2016 – Homework

  1. –Possible framing: Woodstock and Vietnam

    –New York Residents — looking at the list of people, you see that 7 of the artists/groups were from New York

    –There’s a lot of social movements during this time period. With Vietnam, people are leaving the country.

    –Interview: someone who wanted to be at Woodstock but had another gig

    1. What was your band called? What type of music did you play? Where were you located?
    2. How did you feel about Woodstock and the music festivals around that time (including the one that happened right before Woodstock)?
    3. Why did you choose not to go to Woodstock? Did you know anyone else who chose not to go? Why?
    4. How did you feel about the Vietnam War? How did you feel about people leaving for Canada? In your music did you ever write about Vietnam or any other issues (Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, Environmental Concerns, Civil Rights)

    Stakeholders: Young kids going to Vietnam, going to Canada, or staying in the U.S.


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