03.07.2016 – Homework


Woodstock 1969 vs. Woodstock 1999: Compare the price, drugs, and attire from the famous festivals from the Syracuse Post-Standard written on July 26, 2009 goes beyond telling us about price, drug and attire.  It gave us comparisons that lead into the culture, economics, a little bit of politics, and more.  It was shocking to see written in the article the changing in the food services: “Food Service1969: The Hog Farm Free Kitchen and 30,000 emergency sandwiches prepared by the Women’s Group of the Jewish Community Center of Monticello.  1999: $4 bottled water, $12 single-serving pizza and a fenced-in beer garden.”  This article also compared the music between the times which reveals to us much of the culture of the group.  The article compared the iconic songs which feed into the culture.  While I found the economic comparisons in the article shocking, I wanted to still do something with the music at Woodstock–or something going along those lines.  However, the cultural comparisons can help me later during research.

My second article was from a women’s news journal called Off Our Backs in volume 1 number 1 out May 30, 1970.  Woodstock written by Bobbie Goldstone for the culture vulture section of the journal, along with the caravan theater.  This article talks about Woodstock the movie saying that it doesn’t represent the actually music festival.  It goes on criticizing the movie and offering important questions.  The article argued the representation of gender roles within the Woodstock movie.  The article also talked about the male sex objects–Sly and Jimi Hendrix; Goldstone ask if it was a coincidence that Sly and Jimi were black men?  Furthermore, Goldstone wrote: “In general male sex objects seem to be conquerors while females are objects to be conquered”.  Therefore, we see the culture after Woodstock and how that culture represents themselves at Woodstock.  I want to watch the Woodstock movie now for research and to pay close attentions to the representations that Bobbie Goldstone criticized.

Brainstorm: We all know how Woodstock revolutionized culture but I want to know the impacts.  I want to see how it impact local Syracuse.  The people that would help me with learning more….

  • Maybe find someone who went to Woodstock ’69
  • A roommate’s friend’s band who was invited to play at Woodstock and did not go (Roger).
  • From the first article, maybe someone who worked at the food concessions
  • Bobbie Goldstone?  (If she is still with us.)
  • The Hog Farm Free Kitchen or someone that works there (Maybe?)


Workers’ Center of Central New York

Scrolling quickly through the news of the site, there were many articles on wage theft.  In Getting the word out about ‘wage theft’ written by Ellen Abbott, we learn 2.1 million New York residents are cheated out of $3.2 billion in wages and benefits–leading to activists interventions.  Rebecca Fuentes saids, “There’s a lot of fear of retaliation, losing their jobs.  Or sometimes it’s just not knowing the law of their rights.  Or after they make a complaint with the Department of Labor, the lack of enforcement.  Or the very weak enforcement from our enforcement agencies, that is a big problem”.  Therefore, it is more that just spreading the word of ‘wage theft’.  Furthermore, we must help each other and work together to avoid the social and economic injustices.  What the Workers’ Center of Central New York not only strives to facilitate worker and leadership development and developed campaigns to combat wage theft, but also promote employer compliance with the law to help increase wages and workplace standards.

  • What are some of the ‘workplace standards’?
  • Has then number been increasing or decreasing within the state?



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