Critical Reflection

The web of influences that came from the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 played a vital role in our society.  I learned more about the Vietnam War.  I saw how bad the drug culture was at the time.  During my research, I looked through many different search engines for news and information.  I found interviews online; as well as, information to help me with the historical context of Woodstock at the time.  I watched documentaries about Woodstock.  What I liked most about these videos was the original footage.  I didn’t feel like I was at Woodstock, because of the quality.  I found images of advertisements.  Using the images of the old advertisements, we can see what changed during the time before Woodstock.  These advertisements revealed location change; as well as, performance changes.  And lastly, I conducted an interview with a local musician who was invited to play at Woodstock with his band.

In regards to stakeholders during Woodstock, the stakeholders include: young adults, the producers, Max Yasgur, Roger McCabe (interview), musicians, local government, local population, and so on.  Young adults were fleeing the country because of the war.  Max Yasgur’s dairy farm was at stake for supporting and having the music festival on his farm.  Roger McCabe and his band lost their change to perform at a spectacular event.

When I conduced my interview with Roger McCabe, a local musician and bass player in the Jumpin Jax, I wanted to know more.  I found myself not interested in Woodstock and its music, but on the story of Roger McCabe and The Jumpin Jax.  In the future, I want to focus more in the individual.  A genre that I can try out is a biography of a local musician.  A biography shows the thought and research behind the individual—Roger McCabe and The Jumpin Jax.  While a biography is really informative, I believe that logos and ethos will be easier to appeal.  However, finding a more ethos appeal to the biography will help with entertaining the audience.


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