04.11.2016 – Homework

  1. My favorite social media platform to use during my free time is Instagram.  I like how other people post pictures and view themselves on online media.  But for the sake of this assignment, I am going to use a sports new blogs site called Table Tennista.  I am really into the table tennis, and this site catches me up on my news about the sport.  The site is also categorized by different continents.  The site appeals to me because each post usually is a bit of news on the topic–usually a match between two players, or a certain player qualifying for a large-scale event (such as a world champion, or the Olympics), and video pertaining to the match or player.  I believe that this pertains to the logos, the site offers facts on the topic or the player.  In regards to ethos, the site take most of its information from ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), which is considered the main news source.  However, I think that the ITTF site is more harder to navigate.  As far as pathos go, I don’t think this site really has an emotional effect on me.  However, if it is worth anything, I think that the site is easier to navigate than the ITTF site.  I really like this site because it isn’t that word of post and it usually contains a video of the topic.  I am able to watch the video and read up on facts of the player.
  2. .
    1. What topic did you explore in Projects 2 +3?
      1. I explored the topic of Woodstock and music at the time.
    2. What audiences do you think need to learn more about your topic?  Why?  What do you want to communicate to them?
      1. I wanted to communicate to an audience who knowns little of the music and culture at the time.  I wanted to let people know all the trends that were attached to the Woodstock music festival.  But, since I switched my genre from a research paper to a biography of a local musician.  Now, I want my audience to learn about a local musician.  The audience would be other peer learning more about the local music of the area and time.
    3. What genres would you be interested in exploring for Project 4?
      1. A research paper of Woodstock and the music during the time
      2. A biography of a local musician.
    4. Make a list of possible audience/genre pairing.
      1. student/biography
      2. scholar/biography
      3. scholar/research paper
      4. student/research paper
    5. Choose 1-2 audience/genre pairings that you might be interested in using for Project 4.
      1. student/biography
      2. scholar/biography
      3. student-scholar/biography

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