04.13.2016 – Project 4 Proposal

  1.  Topic: What is your claim right now?  What kind of claim is it (fact/definition, value, cause/effect, solution/policy)?
    1. My claim for my exploratory essay was Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 influenced many different threads of politics.  Since I am changing my genre of writing to a biography of a local musician the claim will change.  Roger McCabe is a local musician, who declined an invitation with his band to play at Woodstock ’69.  This biography will investigate the life of Roger McCabe starting from his first experiences with music to his last, and the different impacts (political, social) that effected his life and music.  I believe that this is a claim of fact and definition.
  2. Stakeholders:  What stakeholder specifically needs to hear this argument?  Why them?  How will you appeal to that audience’s assumptions, values, and beliefs?  How will you use logos, ethos, and pathos appeals?
    1. I chose the audience to be a scholars (usually other students).  I picked students scholars because this biography of a local musician is specific.  The scholar would already be doing research on the topic of music and the history around the time of the music.  I believe that I can bring in a lot of facts coming from oral interviews with Roger McCabe; as well as, use historical documents (such as pictures) for confirmation of the story.  This is also add to my credibility of the topic if I can confirm his story using historical documents.  The emotional appeal, I wanted to use a more ironic tone in the biography because of his Woodstock story.  However, I do not believe that there is much of an emotional appeal in a biography genre of writing.
  3. Exigence:  What prompted YOU to want to write this?  Why is the topic important?
    1. I wanted to write this because I was deeply interested in Roger McCabe’s life story.  He and his bands did a lot, as well as played a lot throughout New York state.  I wanted to learn more of Roger’s stories because this was something that I wasn’t really able to find online–this individual story of a local musician.  This topic is important to me because not many people know Roger McCabe’s story.  Even my roommate who introduced me to McCabe didn’t know these stories.
  4. Research:  How will your research help support the claim you’re making?  Describe the gaps or unanswered questions in your research so far and describe how you might address them with further research.  Where do you need more support, information, or examples?
    1. My research now of the history around the time of Woodstock and how the music influenced many different political aspects, social aspects, and more.  But with the change of genre to a biography of Roger McCabe, I need to do more research in the local music of the city of Utica.  I need to conduct a second interview (if not more), of Roger McCabe to get a longer fuller life story.  After the interview, I need to transcribe it, fact check it, and investigate the information that he gave me.  This will help create a stronger biography of Roger McCabe.
  5. Genre:  What genre will you use in this project?  In what ways is this genre well-suited to to your target audience?  What are the conventions of this genre (tone, style, visual attributes, sound, etc.)?
    1. I want to make a biography of a local musician as my genre of writing.  This genre is for student scholar, who already have investigated into the topic of music at this time.  I am just going to start from the first musical experience that Roger had, and continue to were he is now.  I want to include pictures of him and his bands, and the different venues they played.

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