Critical Reflection on Project 4

This was our last writing 205 project, and I really enjoyed working on it.  I really liked the idea of altering our research from our earlier project and turning it into a different genre of writing and for a different audience.  I used to think that I could only write research papers, but after changing my genre for this project—I can to do it for other writings.  I thought that my research was relatively boring—yes, I thought that music and Woodstock are cool.  However, there was a lot of politics and socioeconomics that fell into Woodstock during that time.  More so, there is a lot of history that came out of the time around Woodstock.  When deciding a genre of writing to change to I chose to change the genre to a biography.  I really like the idea of writing about a local musician, and was very excited about this genre change.  I was so intrigued by Roger McCabe’s story and life, that I wanted to learn more about him and let others know his story.

It was very difficult to change the genre and audience of a specific piece of writing.  My research was on Woodstock, and the threads attached to the festival.  My biggest problem was what to keep out, what to add, and what to change.  I didn’t know how to write strong biography.  When I realized that it wasn’t really my task to write about all of Roger McCabe’s life, I was able to write his biography; and the biography ended up being a good overall of Roger McCabe’s life.  Another problem that I had was identifying a specific audience.  There is a lot of thought that goes into identifying your audience the the scope of the writing genre.  If I wrote a research paper rather than a biography, then there would have been a different audience to recognize.

During peer-review, I needed more information on my draft.  However, the genre was good; and the audience was relatively clear.  My rough draft was really rough.

According to my classmates, my biography read very informally.  I wanted to express Roger McCabe through the biography but using the funny stories that he told me.  I wish I could have made the biography more personable.  Another thing that I could have done differently was to add more about the other bands of Roger McCabe.  I realized that during my other project I was more zeroed-in on Woodstock and that time.  It was perfect because the Jumpin Jax were asked to perform at Woodstock.



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