Extra Credit Freewrite

Run Gone Wrong

All I remembered were trees after branch after tree while running through the trail.  The branches hit me as I ran through them, but I felt nothing.  I kept running; every few steps, I tried to take a breath.  When I was lucky enough for a breath all I could smell was curry, not even the smell of leaves or soil.  What was I running from?  I had been running for a while now, and my side aches—but, I continued to run.  I couldn’t hear anyone or anything running behind me.  I began to slow down.  I looked behind and there was nothing there—still running.  I couldn’t remember if I was running from something/someone, but I continued to run.  How long have I been running?  Where are my friends?  Why does it smell like mom’s curry?  And, what was happening?  I continued to jog around.

I was lost.  I didn’t know my way out of this trail.  I couldn’t hear my friends.  It smelled like curry.  And all I saw were flipping trees.  Then, I saw something.  I turned to see a figure dressed in all black, and it began to run towards me.  Was this who I was running from before?  I immediately began to start running in the opposite direction.  I could hear the individual running after me, and every step they took.  I yelled, “What do you want?!”  There was no answer from the individual.  I kept running choose to not look back.  I could judge how far the individual was from me by listening to the steps they took.  At the pace I was running, I was safe.  I was thirsty, and my mouth was dry.  All I could think of was getting away, and I continued to run as fast as I could.

I was being chased by the individual for about five minutes now, but I kept running.  I saw a relatively steep hill and ran towards it.  I began running up the hill, and the individual followed me up.  I have always been good at running up steep hills; because back in high school for sports, my team would always have to run hills together.  However, I was the weak link.  Nevertheless, now I felt stronger than the individual chasing me.  I looked back and saw the individual slowing down.  I could hear them breathing heavily.

This was my chance to lose them.  Once I finish this hill, I can run and hide somewhere else.  They wouldn’t be able to catch me.

Almost to the top of the hill.

Made it!

The treadmill reclines.

I turn of the treadmill and the TV on it.  My legs were jello-y as I went upstairs.  My mom just made curry.  It smelled great and full of spices!  What else is better than food after a run?


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