Extra Credit Freewrite

Stressed Out

I am super stressed.  I am so stressed.  All I want to do is watch the new season of Cuckcoo on Netflix. Ughhh.  Like, I was suppose to read about this guy named Anthony Wallace for my anthropological theory class (so boring) after this class.  Seriously, all I know is that he developed these theories of “mazeway” and “revitalization movements;” and that stuff is suppose to boil-down to mean cultures can change within itself.  So boring, right.  So, while I have to be worried about my organic chemistry tomorrow (Thursday), I am reading about Anthony Wallace in a completely different subject.  On top of that, I have this forensic science paper that is destroying my life; thank god it isn’t due for a while.  So, back to PANICIING FOR THIS ORGANIC CHEMISTRY EXAM!

Since I am re-writing this freewrite for extra credit, I realized that what I said about Anthony Wallace is basically all I really needed to know for him.  Actually, that’s wrong he did a lot more thing such as his fieldwork and ethnological research.  He also did his original fieldwork pretty close by near Ontario, Canada.  Anthony Wallace added history to the Haudenosaunee (or Iroquois).  And people (if you are reading this), I am still not done with season three of Cuckcoo.  However, I do recommend it to everyone to watch—it is on Netflix.  And friends, I did fine on my organic chemistry exam.  I got a 52, and the average was a 53.  So, thank the Lord because I only studied for a day. *sigh* I really need to get better at studying for exams.


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